Chiropractic Testimonials

"She walked me through everything because I was nervous about a body adjustment and the whole office was very clean which I appreciated. She cleaned everything after each appointment. I had trouble walking, bending, and sitting. I am 33 going on 65. After just 2 appointments I feel so good, that I dont have the words to describe it. Highly recommended."

- Paul T.

"I'm so glad I found Dr. Sahfi! Her comfortable office and caring bedside manner has me hooked. I love it!"

- Christine P.

"Dr. Sahfi is the true fixer. Stop in and you will see a bright, thorough, caring, gifted professional who also practices what she preaches. Have been going there for a few months. In my line of work, I end up in tight, cramped quarters doing very physical work. Dr. Sahfi has been able to help me keep up in my physically stressful, high paced work environment. Thanks, Doc."

- Stephen S.

"This was my first Chiropractic visit ever. heard so much about Dr Sahfi. She was hands down amazing. highly recommend going to her. She makes you feel so welcome and helps you understand everything and the office environment is great, very relaxing."

- Chris P.

"I've been to countless chiropractors in my life. I have had chiropractic treatments in 3 countries, on two continents, and can honestly say Sahfi is one of the best. The word "elite" comes to mind. I can honestly say her treatments have released not only pain but stress almost instantly. That is something I don't say every day! Do yourself a favor and get an adjustment from Dr. Sahfi. Though you don't know me, you will thank me later."

- Meg A.


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10:00am - 1:00pm
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